Let the right people in. Keep the wrong people out.

Advanced Technical ServicesOur access control security systems provide powerful integrated solutions for organizations requiring gate access control and building security systems. Solutions are available for facilities of any size - from small offices requiring just a few card readers to large corporations or high security facilities spread over multiple sites.

If you need a scalable system that can grow as your company grows, our access control security systems can expand to handle an unlimited number of employees spread over multiple sites. Our systems are designed to grow in scale and complexity as your organization evolves.

Verified Access - Card Access Control

Advanced Technical ServicesWhen access to buildings or departments is limited, you need a verified card access control system that matches the level of security in your environment. We use a variety of readers to provide single and multiple factor authentication. With a combination of these readers and access control techniques, we can ensure that you are letting the right people in. Alternatively, the management of these can be done by you, allowing individual departments to assign specific access rights for employees, visitors, contractors and staff. A video management solution can be tightly integrated into your gated community security or building security systems. With an integrated solution, you will have the best chance of deterring and catching violators.